By working together to create safe, stable, nurturing environments for our children and youth, and by connecting our kids and teens with trusted, supportive adults and peers, we equip them with the building blocks and resiliency factors necessary to not only cope with challenges but to flourish and grow.

National data tell us that severe adolescent behavioral health challenges have been on the rise for the last decade, and now, in the wake of a devastating and lingering pandemic, our youth are calling on our institutional leaders to provide spaces for healing and comprehensive services to help them not only cope with the trauma that they have experienced as a result of the pandemic but to provide the necessary supports and services they need for resilience in the face of institutional racism, poverty, violence and the myriad of daily stressors that confront children and families.

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Current Projects

Oakland is in the throes of a youth mental health crisis. Many children and youth were struggling before the pandemic, and many more stopped thriving when the quarantine began, and they were disconnected from the people and places that help them learn, play, work, and connect. In 2021, the leaders of Oakland Thrives committed to aligning goals, efforts, and resources to address this crisis better. Our current project highlights the state of child and adolescent mental health in Oakland, lifts available resources, needs, and gaps, and makes recommendations on how systems can collaborate to help youth thrive.

Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Landscape Analysis


Advisory & Community Engagement

Oakland Thrives convened a wide array of critical stakeholders to develop a multi-year, multi-sector effort that will build upon existing infrastructure and past successes to promote child and adolescent behavioral health and well-being. Who is involved?

  • Alameda County Healthcare Services Agency
  • Alameda Alliance
  • California School-Based Health Alliance
  • City of Oakland
  • First 5 Alameda County
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • La Clínica de La Raza
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland

To get involved

For more information, email Oakland Thrives CEO, Melanie Moore at